Four Factors Influencing Your Download Speed

Download speed is how fast your phone can retrieve data. This matters because this determines how fast you can get online.

What Is Download Speed?

Signal strength is the biggest factor when it comes to download speeds. Proximity to a tower, the building you’re in, and even the weather can influence the quality of your coverage.

1. Signal Strength

If your download speeds are slower than usual, network congestion may be the culprit. The more people using a cell tower, the slower it takes to send data back and forth.

2. Network  Congestion

Data is transmitted from towers to your device via electromagnetic spectrum waves. These waves operate at different frequencies, and can affect your download speeds.

3. Carrier Frequency

Your phone relies on cell towers, and these towers need to know where you are and which tower your data shout transmit to. If you’re between two towers, carriers might have a hard time knowing which tower you’re on, leading to a slow down in your speeds.

4. Cell Location

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