Go5G Next: Annual Phone Upgrade Explained

Go5G Next is T-Mobile’s newest premium plan. This plan is perfect for those who not only want the fastest speeds, but also want the latest device as soon as it comes out.

What Is Go5G Next?

Go5G Next’s main draw is the ability to upgrade your phone every year, with the promise that T-Mobile’s best phone deals will be available for you to take advantage of.

A New Phone Every Year

Go5G Next allows you to upgrade your device after 12 months of payment, which is half of the 24 month payment plan. Instead of paying off your old phone, you can trade-it in for a new device, and T-Mobile will waive the remaining payments.

How Do Annual Phone Upgrades Work?

If you want a new phone every year, Go5G Next is the right plan for you. However, if you’re simply looking for high speed data and a hefty hotspot, Go5G Plus has the same unlimited premium data and 50GB hotspot at $90/month for a single line.

Your Perfect Phone, Your Perfect Deal

Choosing between plans can be tough, but we can help you find the best plan for you.