How To Activate A SIM Card

A SIM card is like the brain of your phone, giving you a phone number and the ability to connect to a mobile network.

Traditional SIM cards can't be rewritten and are removable. eSIM cards can be rewritten aren't removable.

Traditional  VS. eSIM

Activating your SIM card.

1. Log into your T-Mobile account  2. Select the line of service that you want the change to occur on  3. Complete the security verification process  4. Select either SIM or eSIM  5. Follow the prompts and enter either your ICCID or EID number to complete the switch

T-Mobile Activation

1. Access your My Verizon account  2. Select the ‘Activate or Switch Device’ page  3. Follow the prompts to activate your device

Verizon Activation

1. Go to 2. Select ‘Activate your device 3. Follow the prompts to complete activation

AT&T  Activation

Activating your SIM card can be easy, but it's important to understand how to do it right.