Plan Comparison: AT&T Unlimited Premium vs T-Mobile Go5G Plus

AT&T and T-Mobile both offer top-tier plan options, which one is right for you?

When looking for a phone plan, how much data you get is an important factor.


Unlimited Premium and Go5G Plus both include unlimited premium data, so you'll never get deprioritized no matter how much data you use.

For those on the go, how much you can use your hotspot can make or break even the best phone plans.


For heavy hotspot users, both plans offer 50GB of high-speed data for hotspots.

Phone plans don't just have to be about how much data you get: from streaming to gaming, plans can offer perks that sweeten the deal.


While both plans offer perks, for those looking for streaming services Go5G Plus is the way to go with Netflix and Apple TV+. Unlimited Premium offers 4K UHD streaming and ActiveArmor advanced mobile security.

While data, hotspot, and perks are important factors when choosing a plan, price also plays a big role in what plan you choose.


Unlimited Premium comes in at $85 plus taxes per month for the first line, with Go5G Plus being slightly higher at $90 a line. However, Go5G Plus includes taxes and fees while Unlimited Premium doesn't, making Go5G Plus cheaper.

Choosing between plans can be tough, but we can help you find the best plan for your needs!