Switching To A New Plan? 

5 Things You Should Consider.

Before you switch your wireless service, here are 5 questions you should consider.

Narrowing down which carriers you'd like to switch to can help limit your search.

What carriers are you considering?

Depending on how many lines you want, carriers may offer discounts. You may also be able to mix and match plans.

How many lines do you need?

When looking at a new plan, do you want a capped plan with a set amount of data or an unlimited data plan? For unlimited plans, are you okay with being slowed down or do you want premium data all the time?

How much data?

Looking for hotspot?

Some plans offer hotspot data, think about if you use hotspot and how often.

Want perks?

Consider if you'd like additional perks with your plan, such as free Netflix or Apple Music.

Your perfect plan, your perfect price.