Best S23 Series Deals for Verizon Customers

Getting the S23 series on your Verizon plan can be cheaper than you think!

Trading in your old phone can get you a new S23 for less

Galaxy S23 Ultra

The S23 Ultra is the best selling device of the S23 series with incredible performance and  top-notch camera

Get up to $800 off the S23 Ultra, lowring the cost to $11.11 a month

Galaxy S23+

The S23+ is a great choice for those who want a boost in screen size and battery

Get up to $800 off the S23+, lowering the cost to  $5.56 a month

Galaxy S23

For those who want a smaller phone with great performance, the S23 is great pick

Get up to $800 off the S23, so you can get this phone for free!

No matter which phone you pick or what carrier you're on, you can find the best phone deals with us!