Which Plan Is Right For You?

AT&T’s Unlimited Premium or Xfinity's Unlimited Premium?

Data is a big factor when it comes to choosing plans, with some plans offering less data or slowing you down while you use your phone.


AT&T’s Unlimited Premium gives you unlimited premium data, so you can use as much as you want without being slowed down. Xfinity’s Unlimited Premium has unlimited data, but you can still get slowed down.

Being able to use your phone as a hotspot can be important, so how much hotspot data your plan offers is important when picking a plan.


AT&T’s Unlimited Premium offers 50GB of hotspot data, which is great for heavy hotspot users. Xfinity’s Unlimited Premium offers 15GB of hotspot data.

When deciding between plans, perks can help to sweeten the deal.


AT&T’s Unlimited Premium comes with 4K UHD streaming and ActiveArmor advanced mobile security, while Xfinity’s Unlimited Premium doesn’t offer any perks.

How much you’re paying can be the most important factor when choosing a phone plan.


Xfinity’s Unlimited Premium wins when it comes to price, with one line coming in at $65 a month. AT&T’S Unlimited Premium comes at a higher price, starting at $85 a month for one line.

Your Perfect Phone, Your Perfect Deal

Choosing between plans can be tough, but we can help you find the best plan for you.