Which Plan Is Right For You?

Verizon’s Unlimited Plus or Xfinity's Unlimited Premium?

How much data you get, and if it ever gets slowed down, is an important factor in picking a plan.


Verizon’s Unlimited Plus gives you unlimited premium data, so you'll never get deprioritized no matter how much data you use. Xfinity’s Unlimited Premium has unlimited data, but you can still get slowed down.

If you’re constantly on the go, how much you can use your hotspot can make or break a phone plan.


Verizon’s Unlimited Plus gives you 30GB of hotspot data. Xfinity’s Unlimited Premium has just half of that, offering 15GB of hotspot data.

When deciding between plans, perks can help to sweeten the deal.


Neither plan offers any perks, however, Verizon’s Unlimited Plus give you the option to add perks to your plan at an additional cost.

While data, hotspot, and perks are important, how much a plan costs is the most important factor.


Xfinity’s Unlimited Premium wins when it comes to price, with one line coming to $65/mo. Verizon’s Unlimited Plus comes at a much higher price, with one line coming it at $80/mo.

Your Perfect Phone, Your Perfect Deal

Choosing between plans can be tough, but we can help you find the best plan for you.